Hi~ I’m Eunice, founder of Inky Zen and 1.5 gen Korean American based in Brooklyn, NY.

Born in Seoul and moved to the US at age 7, I grew up feeling neither fully Korean nor fully American. I felt like an in-between, or an alien. For me, it was really going through my own spiritual journey that I’ve begun to feel more grounded and liberated in my creativity. Over time, I found that my experience is shared by many; many of us feel a yearning for deeper connection, mind-body alignment, and spiritual awakening. 

My vision for Inky Zen started forming four years ago, when I felt a gravitational pull to go back to my birth country, South Korea. I wanted to explore my roots, spirituality, and creativity, which manifested in the form of deepening my yoga and meditation practice, immersing myself in Zen Buddhist temple culture, and apprenticing for a Korean ink calligraphy master…all of which ultimately led to the birth of Inky Zen. 

At Inky Zen, we manifest in the form of apparel, designed to help people feel more grounded, free, and creative. Beyond the physical objects, we seek to cultivate a community interested in exploring the questions: How do we find inner peace and wellbeing in this modern world? How do we feel more grounded, free, and creative?

Inky is an attitude, an aesthetic, and a lifestyle.



Deep in the mountains of South Korea rests a cave temple where Zen monks practice a daily ritual of meditation, yoga, martial arts, and qigong. Zen Pants are inspired by the temple uniform worn by these Korean Zen monks and Zen martial artists. Zen Pants embody the lifestyle of these monks, and their minimalist and multifunctional design inspires freedom in movement and comfort in stillness.