Zen Pants

Zen Pants

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Deep in the mountains of South Korea rests a cave temple where Zen monks practice a daily ritual of meditation, yoga, martial arts, and qigong. Zen Pants are inspired by the temple uniform worn by these Korean Zen monks and Zen martial artists.

During my stay at the temple, I followed the monks around as they seamlessly flowed from one activity to the next. I remember asking one of the monks, “For how long will you meditate today?”

In the most monk-like manner, he replied, “Life is a living meditation. Everything we do, from eating mindfully to going for a nice walk in nature, our everyday life can be a meditation.”

Through Zen Pants, I hope to share with you a bit of the inspiration and peace I found during my temple stay.

- Eunice KS, founder

Traditional Korean Hanbok (한복) design

Zen Pants are influenced by 한복 (traditional Korean Hanbok) design, as well as 승복 (Korean monkwear) and 도복 (Korean martial arts uniform). The minimalist, multifunctional, and genderless design of Zen Pants inspires freedom in movement and comfort in stillness.

Hanbok can be beautiful in its simplicity and delicacy, and Zen Pants integrate the beautiful drapes of Hanbok design with the freedom, function, and comfort of monkwear and martial arts uniforms. We pay homage to Hanbok and the beauty and philosophy embodied in them.


"The most comfortable pants I've ever worn..."

- Marco L, Korean temple stay participant

"It's like wearing invisible pants...they're so comfortable that it almost feels like you're not wearing anything."

- Ted M, Zen martial arts trainee + Korean temple volunteer

"Comfiest meditation pants in the game”

- Cassandra L, yoga teacher and entrepreneur

“Since meeting Eunice, I’ve been inspired by her story and mission to wholeheartedly connect with our journey of creativity and wellbeing. Oh, and the pants give me life.”

- Max N, dancer and designer

“As a Korean American, Zen Pants feel personal to me. They serve as an invitation to bring my identity to the forefront and a place of familiarity and comfort. Zen Pants give me the freedom to move.”

- Ann L, women’s health advocate

“It is love at first sight. I’m obsessed. Truly enamored with the design and the material and the Qi I can feel radiating from these beautifully-made pants. I feel as though you’ve made manifest the exact pants I’ve been wishing for years. For real. Fisherman’s cut with the tapered ankle — combine those two aspects with the luxuriously soft, durable fabric and secure stitching and I am HOOKED. I may never wear another pair of pants again!”

-Brea F, Artist and Qigong teacher

Soft fabric that feels oh-so-good

Zen Pants are made with a fabric blend of 33% Cotton, 33% Tencel, 16% Poly, 16% Viscose, and 2% Spandex, that makes Zen Pants feel luxurious, soft, slightly stretchy, and versatile. Our fabric sourcers are experts on traditional Korean monkwear, and we partnered with seamstresses in China who have experience making the actual uniforms for Korean Zen monks.

Zen Pants are in Black Sesame color and in limited supply.


All sizes and styles are unisex. Sizes vary depending on preference and where you wear them on your waist. Zen Pants have a flowy fit, adjustable waist, and tapered at the ankle.

If your height: 5’3”-5’9” and your waist: 24”-31” → S/M

If your height: 5’5”-6’1” and your waist: 28”-35” → M/L

If your measurements qualify for both sizes, go for S/M for a slimmer fit or M/L for a drape and flowy fit. Female model is 5’4” and size 0/2, wearing S/M. Male model is 5’11” and waist 30”-31”, wearing M/L.

Email us at studio@inkyzen.com with any questions about sizing.

What can I do in my Zen Pants? When should I wear them?

After five years of searching for the perfect restorative yoga pants, I am so excited to be sharing Zen Pants with you. They are cozy, stylish, loose, and comfortable, yet don’t slide down during #legsupthewall poses. Gender-neutral and 100% cozy, Zen Pants are perfect for meditation, qigong, yoga, dance, lounging, and everyday living in flow.

These pants were originally designed for Korean Zen monks’ optimized comfort and freedom in sitting meditation, qigong, restorative yoga, and Zen martial arts. Ways people have worn them so far:

  • Meditation

  • Lounging

  • Travel

  • Festival or party attire

  • Streetwear

  • Yoga (especially restorative, kundalini, etc.)

  • Qigong, taichi

  • Wellness retreats

What’s your favorite way of wearing them? We’d love to hear. DM us @inkyzen or send us a message at studio@inkyzen.com.